Spring Fashion Trends

This spring’s fashion is a sea of wild colors and patterns and unlike Moana, us Valley students have no stars to help with navigation. So, rather than letting my fellow Wayne Valley prisoners drown, here are a list of the fashion must haves for the coming season.

  1. Seashell jewelry– This trend was in the past made for summer, but with global warming heralding the warm season with all do haste, this year it’s a spring thing. White shells particularly have been trending, but all shades are welcome in this surfer style adornment.
  2. Citrus colors– Green, orange, pink, and yellow. And yellow. Yes, a lot of yellow this season. Citrus colors are in style, looking violently bright and ready to damage your corneas. But don’t worry when you think “nothing goes with citrus”. The rest of the world agrees, which is why this spring features citrus on citrus. No matching required.
  3. 2000’s Jeans– Yes, the iconic jeans are back, boot cut low rise style. But don’t worry, they’re a bit less extreme than they’ve been in the past, so you won’t end up looking like a cross of season one Meredith Grey and someone from High School Musical. They’re comfortable, easy to wear, and one of my personal favorite season trends.
  4. Tie Dye and Crochet (the 70’s favorites)– 70’s again! Better dive back into your clothes from fall, because the 70’s theme is on yet another season. Thankfully, no bell bottoms this time, though. Instead we have tie dye, which people tend to wear no matter what’s in style, and crochet, which has in the past made a big impression in the realm of swimsuits. Crochet tops are what you should be wearing though. It’s too cold in the tri-state area to be swimming in spring.
  5. Earth Tones– Finally, something that doesn’t blind passersby! Tan, cream, sand, and khaki. The neutrals you would probably be wearing anyways are in style Spring 2019. They’re simple, cute, and go wonderfully with a bright tote or wild shoes for a pop of color.
  6. Black Vests– They’re a simple trend, but there is little that can’t be dressed up with a sleeveless black vest. A black vest can make jeans and a T-shirt look like you actually put effort in, or it can give a colorful look a cute Tokyo feel. Loose and comfortable are the two adjectives I would use for this trend. Out of everything I’ve written about so far, this is probably one of the most classic and timeless.
  7. Toe-Ring Sandals– A trend that is once again, too cold for early Spring. Still, Spring is a long season, and as we delve into the warmer part of it, what is better for your feet than a pair of toe ring sandals. Cute, easy to match, and somewhat like the classic UGG slippers of the warm season, toe ring sandals are Grecian in feel, and come in a wide array of colors so that they suit almost anything.