Keep Warm and Look Good: Sherpas

Winter is HERE! The temperature is dropping! How do you stay warm and look good? Winter styles consist of puffy jackets,warm-insulated coats, hoodies, windbreakers, and anything that can protect you from the treacherous cold. Sherpas have been around for decades and are designed to keep the person warm. They have recently made a comeback and have become this years latest fashion craze.

Sherpas consist of either real or faux fur and are designed to keep the person toasty and comfy. A sherpa is the underlayer of the jacket minus the puffy outer part. This gets rid of the dread of taking your winter jacket off and still being chilly, or wearing your jacket indoors and making that swish noise whenever you walk. However, one downfall of wearing a sherpa is that it can get quite toasty with all the fur. To eliminate this problem, you can simply just roll up the sleeves.

Sherpas come in hundreds of different colors and styles. Whenever you walk into a store in the mall such as Forever 21 or Pacsun, you’ll be sure to find a sherpa. Sherpas come in styles such as crew neck, cardigans, or even a quarter zip. They have different types of fur and can have unique textures.
Sports teams at Wayne Valley often add a sherpa like material to their clothing forms with their logo on it. The teams can wear them during practice or around town to flaunt that they take part in one of Wayne Valley’s teams. Often the styles you see are crew neck and are either blue or grey.

Sophomore Jillian Leva describes that her favorite thing about owning a sherpa. would be that “It it keeps me warm and is very comfy.” Sherpas are a seasonal clothing which means that they only appear in stores during one season. Sherpas are a winter clothing, and when asked if they are only a fad and will disappear after this season, Jillian replied by saying, “I don’t believe they’re a fad because they have been around for decades, however different styles will come and go.”

Sherpas can go along with hundreds of different outfit choices. Sherpas can be dressed down with a pair of leggings and slippers putting off a comfy vibe. Another can be a cardigan style along with a cute shirt underneath. Pair this up with trendy jeans, and lastly finish the look with an adorable pair of boots. Sherpas are guaranteed to keep you warm along with looking very stylish.