Instant Decision Days

Imagine getting a decision from your top school within the snap of your fingers? About 2.2 million high school seniors in the United States apply to college each year, and anticipate hearing back from schools for months at a time.

Instant Decision Days allow high school seniors to interview with their admissions counselors from schools they’ve applied to, and instantly receive an admissions decision! Participating in IDD is the alternative to the traditional way of having to wait months before hearing from schools. As IDD’s return to Wayne Valley, students are highly encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity, especially if it’s offered by their respective top school. One student who recently participated in Quinnipiac’s IDD says that, “It was nerve wracking at first waiting for my interview and anticipating the outcome, but it was so worth it because it’s one of my top schools and I received the good news sooner!” Another senior, Frank Pettorini, says, “It was really amazing because the admissions rep was able to tell me that I got in to the Physical Therapy Program, which eliminated another three weeks of worrying about my acceptance.” If one of your schools is coming to Wayne Valley, go for it!

All seniors who applied to the schools offering Instant Decision Days are encouraged to participate. To make this process less complicated, follow these steps:
-Make sure your application to the respective schools are complete, ideally one week prior to your interview.
-Research the minimum requirements for admission; you must meet them in order to be considered for IDD by a school. It’s recommended that if you don’t meet the criteria, you should still apply through Regular Decision, as admissions through IDD are more selective and strict, since they are immediate decisions.
-If you meet the minimum requirements and have already submitted your application, complete the IDD Google Form to register for the schools you are doing an IDD with.
-Remember to see your guidance counselor if you have any questions.
-If you are a high school senior, it’s recommended that you ask questions for help from your guidance counselor, whether or not you are participating in IDD. Applying to colleges and college decisions are a stressful time, but there are people there to help. Wishing all the best of luck to all seniors, and all those participating in IDD. Just remember to take a breath—- everything will work out.