The New York Giants vs. Tennessee Titans


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Football field at night with stadium lights.

Score! Touchdown! The Tennessee Titans with the win. Throughout the season of 2017, the New York Giants ended with a losing streak. But this season both Tennessee Titans and New York Giants are crushing their seasons. Although they have many loses, both teams have been playing upright. Playing each other on December 16, 2018, the New York Giants lost unbelievably. Ending with a score of zero left the team and the audience with a shook. This time it was mainly based on a bad day. Lack of communication while playing leads to incomplete passes and wrong plays ran. If a player such as Eli Manning throws the football across to his teammate, and it goes right past him, that is what happens when it is just thrown instead of seen. Out of bounds was also occurring very often. If the Giants stayed focused throughout the game they would of scored a touchdown somewhere during the game. The Tennessee Titans can sure say it was their game. Their defense and running game was unstoppable. The Giants could not control their running game, which then made it a three point game all around.

When asked “Is this a shocking victory,” my father Tony responded with “Not really, because the Giants have now missed the playoffs two straight year and have made it once since the 2012 season. But it’s unbelievable to how the score ended, that’s all iI gotta say.” Ending with a zero is what many people and newscasters are talking about. Quarterback Eli Manning bruised the game with many incomplete passes. As said in the New York Times, “ Eli had clumsily fumbled the football as he toppled forward, an embarrassing pratfall that resulted in another touchdown in the Tennessee Titans’ 17-0 whitewash of the Giants on Sunday.” Odell Beckham jJr who is the wide receiver for the Giants, participated in the drills and practices on the day of the game, but was not put in because of his bruised quad. Some fans say if he was in the game, the score would have looked differently.

Although this is based on opinions, who really knows? Would the New York Giants end with a different score?

A game is a game. A play off is a play off. There has to be one winner no matter what. So, in this game it happened to be Tennessee Titans with the win. New York Giants ending with a 4-1 and Tennessee Titans ending with a 4-2 winning streak. Losing by seventeen points is an incredible lose, and gave everyone something to talk about the next day. Eli Manning, a player in the New York Giants said something about not being certain about staying with the Giants in 2019. Being quarterback and doing so well, can the Giants afford this?