A Good Deed Gone Wrong

In the US, somebody is killed in an alcohol-related crash every 51 minutes. We don´t realize sometimes that this is an actual problem we face today. It could happen anywhere you are, at any time. There needs to be a stop. Early morning on December 2nd, just after 2 Am, Michael Sot was the designated driver for 5 of his friends. They all went to TCNJ together. He was taking them back safely from a party, when not so long after, they were struck by a Kia Optima. This driver was intoxicated. Pretty Ironic right?, He was sober and taking you take hisyour drunk friends home and he you ends up getting hit by a drunk driver. Sometimes doing good, sets you up for a bad outcome.

While it was very responsible of Michael to drive his friends back to the campus, it was not so responsible of the other driver who was drunk driving. Nowadays, this is common, and it is so selfish of whoever does this. You don´t only put yourself at risk, but everyone else on the road. In this situation, even though Michael did something extremely responsible , he got an unexpected turnout. He stayed sober for the safety of him and his friends. Even though this ended bad, at least in his heart, he did the right thing. He died doing a good deed.
Some students of Wayne Vvalley were asked ¨ What are your thoughts on drunk driving?¨ ¨horrible¨ ¨Selfish¨ many replied. Another question they were asked was ¨Did hearing about this affect you in any way?¨ Many replied with ¨absolutely, the fact that this could happen anywhere, at any given time that I am driving, is pretty damn scary!¨ They are not wrong, wherever, whenever, this can and has happened.

Micheal sacrificed his life for all them without even knowing he did. Overall, this whole incident was a huge tragedy that hit home for many individuals. This happens quite often but this case was just ironic. A responsible designated driver, getting hit and killed by a drunk driver. It was very upsetting to hear about how young Michael was. He had a whole life ahead of him, and one person took it away. All because of the un-responsible driver, he can´t live. The most important thing is to always call for help if you need it, never hop into your car intoxicated.