WV Senior Views on Toy Story 4

WV Senior Views on Toy Story 4

Matthew Bischoff, Staff Writer

Just imagine: you are in the car on a long trip to somewhere amazing. Time has essentially stopped, and you are trapped with boredom. Just then, you hear the old familiar “There’s a snake in my boot” and are filled with joy and entertainment for the remainder of the trip. Many high school students today have all grown up with the same movies: The Incredibles, Finding Nemo, and Monsters Inc, to name a few. All of these movies now have sequels, each one helping to bring these old characters back to life. While no one ever asked for a Monsters University, it was not expanded upon or pushed to its limit. Something like Toy Story, however, can be argued that it has already hit its boundary of recyclability. After three Toy Story movies (the last one ending with Andy giving away his toys), one would think that the series has drawn to a close. Even so, in June of this year, Toy Story is getting another edition, this one featuring both the old, donated toys and Bonnie’s new toys. A fourth movie begs the question: has this series gone too far?

The Toy Story trilogy is, most simply, a story about a child growing up. While everything may be changing for him, Andy knows that his toys will always be there. The first and second movies both show him slowly growing up, the toys remaining the same every time. However, in the third movie, it is time for Andy to leave for college. The end of the movie displays Andy donating his toys to the little girl Bonnie, creating a cycle and leaving the series on a happy, fulfilled note. The idea of a fourth movie possibly jeopardizes this happiness and fulfillment.

Wayne Valley seniors Jennae Schecter and AJ Andiorio both have given their take on this situation.  Both have very much enjoyed the series so far and think that each movie has been great. Even then, Jennae, in regards to a fourth movie, said, “I don’t really see it necessary. The last one ended on a good note where it could’ve ended all the movies.” AJ had a similar opinion, stating, “I don’t think it’s necessary and I’m scared for it. I want it to do well, but I’m not sure if it will.” While the series up until now has been great, there’s not too much optimism for its future. They both have also agreed that they definitely shouldn’t make any more past a fourth.

On the other side of the spectrum, Chris Campano, who has not particularly enjoyed the first three movies, has also given his input. Instead of wanting the series to end, he is looking at it solely as Pixar’s profit boost. “I think they will milk the series as much as possible,” he claims, even so far to say that they will continue to make them as long as people watch them. His argument isn’t a far reach, seeing as the Toy Story series is one of the most critically acclaimed series ever, grossing around two billion dollars in total.

Toy Story will forever be in our hearts as one of the best series to be made. Even then, all good things must come to and end. While there is some hope for the new movie, it seems like many are accepting the fact that it will end eventually, and that the best ending for it should have been with Andy donating his treasured toys. In all likelihood, they are probably only restarting the cycle with a new person to bring new kids into the series.