Wintery Wayne

Wayne is entering another chilly winter as December rolls around. I’m sure at this point you’ve seen the skiis being bought, the snow shoes being tested, and the jackets being bought. And it’s during this time of the year that one can have the most fun. We can look at a few good examples in and around Wayne.

Winter Sports – To start, there is our incredible school ski club. Anybody can join! After school on fridays, members come to ski and or snowboard. It also happens to be way less professional than the Ski Team and I know I personally have made many friends going on these trips. It’s a great way to let a load off and have fun.

Historic Dey Mansion – Recently renovated with a 100,000 grant from the New Jersey Dept. of Environmental Protection under the Green Acres Program, it is always a great visit, especially now that most of the construction is finished. The surrounding landscape is also always beautiful to look at and enjoy..

Local Sledding – Sledding is a fairly cheap and exciting way to have fun. There are quite a few empty hills and streets around Wayne that provide perfect sledding locations. Just remember to be careful and stay safe in whatever location you choose.

High Mountain Preserve – This 289 acre national reserve, jointly owned by The Nature Conservancy, Wayne Township, and the NJDEP, but wholly yours to enjoy. I suggest this as a great place for hiking. I have gone on four trips so far to the park and have been stunned every time. On clear days, you can even get glimpses of New York City. If you do any of the things on the list, this is the one I suggest the most.