Student Spotlight: Giuseppe Von Melon

Wayne Valley’s very own Giuseppe Von Melon, in between all of his schoolwork and eight-hour shifts at Stop n Shop, has contributed to the creation of a clothing company. He and his friends have worked tirelessly to create a company, called First Clothing Company, that makes trendy clothes for his peers. Giuseppe’s entrepreneur skills have already led to great success for the company.

“When we launched a new set of clothing on the website, so many people went online to buy something that the website actually crashed. It’s crazy that so many people support our business after just a month.” They began their clothing line just one month ago, and already built a large amount of revenue from people buying their merchandise.

Giuseppe is a Co-CEO at First Clothing Company, along with Jared Shiffman, a student at Wayne Hills High School. Giuseppe and Jared are working together to promote their clothing line using all platforms, including social media. They have created an instagram account to inform people of new clothing styles, and their newly designed backpacks. Giuseppe pours a lot of time and energy into the company’s website and instagram account, further promoting the business through his own private instagram account as well. To Giuseppe, “This is something that I am very passionate about and it means so much to me that I am able to help this company grow.” His passion for the company enables him to work hard to further progress the company’s success.

Although First Clothing Company has already seen lots of success with their business and promotion, Giuseppe has big plans for the future of the company. “We plan to continue to grow and we have many things planned for the future so it is just a matter of time before we achieve our many goals” Giuseppe is very optimistic about the company’s further expansion.

As a full time high school student with a part time job, Giuseppe still manages to work hard as a Co-CEO of a clothing company, effecting change and positive results for him and his business partners, who are all high school students as well. Giuseppe is a young student who proves that entrepreneurship and succeeding through business knows no age limits.

Giuseppe is extremely motivated to pour the hard work into the company that all businesses require. He expresses his gratitude for this opportunity, saying, “I am beyond happy to be apart of it.”