New Shows and Movies to Look Out For!

Alex Abrams, Staff Writer

Entertainment plays an important role in our society. Each day, the average human being watches a total of five hours and four minutes of television. TV shows can bring different feelings to the people that are watching it. Whether that is a feeling of fear, sadness, or excitement, people tend to get hooked very easily to certain TV shows, which is why they become so popular. The same idea applies to movies and the impact that they have on society. With all of that being said, I am going to inform you about some of the current most popular TV shows and movies that I hope will interest you enough to look into them yourself.


Popular TV Shows

  1. Stranger Things – This is a great TV show for anyone that is looking for an unsolved mystery. The show takes place in the 1980s and centers around a small group of kids that betray a girl with supernatural powers, who introduces them to the world of the upside down, as well as all of its scary monsters. With great ratings from almost every TV critic out there, it is sure to trick you with its intelligence, and you’ll get hooked from the first episode.


  1. The Good Place – This is a great TV show for the type of person that wants a good laugh, as well as a good plot. The show is about a person who discovers that she was mistaken with someone else and is entering the afterlife, so she tries to fix it with the help of her new companion. Critics are in love with the show, and many have said that it is one of the best comedies among the major broadcasting networks.


  1. Game of Thrones – This is a great TV show for someone that is into fantasy and very dangerous adventures. It is about a lot of complicated characters that are all trying to beat one another to the throne and rule the world. As many people have said, it is full of shocking scenes which will blow you away every week as a new episode is presented to the audience.


Popular Movies

  1. Avengers: Infinity War – This movie was very popular all around the world, as there were many movies leading up to this specific one. It is great for anyone that loves a good action and adventure movie. It is about a group of superheroes (called the avengers) that must fight to save the world from a very powerful being named Thanos. It is the type of movie that will blow your mind, finishing with the complete opposite of what you think is going to happen. However, as popular as this movie may be, most of the critics are recommending that you should watch all of the marvel movies leading up to this movie so that you really understand the whole thing.


  1. Incredibles 2 – For anyone that is looking for a fun family movie, this seems to be the number one choice. The movie is said to be funny, surprising, and characterized as an action and adventure movie. Following the first Incredibles movie that came out in 2004, the Incredibles 2 moves forward with the lives of the not-so-average humans. As the mother of the super family goes on a trip for her business, the father has to take care of the children, which proves to be a challenge. Critics love the idea that in the movie, no matter what, family always comes first. If you really want to understand the role of each character, they also suggest that you look into watching the first Incredibles movie before watching this one.


  1. Mission: Impossible – Fallout – If you didn’t know already, the Mission Impossible movie series has been very popular for a long time. Each movie in this series presents crazy action moments where you are sitting on the edge of your seat. This movie is about the life of Ethan Hunt, and how he must save the world from the terrorists that are in possession of deadly nuclear weapons. Critics are saying that it is, by far, the best action and adventure film of the entire year. They also suggest that, to understand who Ethan Hunt really is, you should look into watching the movies leading up to this one.