SDA Sneak Peek

Sophie Aksoy, Staff Writer

SDA season is fast approaching, and we are all excited to see what the Blue and White teams have in store for the show. This year’s show theme is “Streaming Live”, a homage to the well-known and beloved Netflix. Each dance was assigned a TV show that is streamed on Netflix for their theme. If you need a refresher, the four styles of dance in SDA are Aerobics, Tap, Jazz, and Pom. Here are the themes for each dance:

White Aerobics- The Walking Dead, Blue Aerobics- Stranger Things, White Tap- Lost in Space, Blue Tap- Gossip Girl, White Jazz- American Horror Story: Freak Show, Blue Jazz- Grey’s Anatomy, White Pom- Lost, Blue Pom- Law and Order.

The White Overall is Mattison Indomenico and the Blue Overall is Alyssa Mistretta. They are responsible for representing their teams and facilitating the process of choreography and organization along with the teams’ captains. Here is the list of the captains:

White Aerobics- Rachael Bussanich and Gabby Laterza, Blue Aerobics- Sophie Aksoy and Lily Rossi, White Tap- Taylor Menzel and Kayla Gutch, Blue Tap- Cassie Fierro and Andie Lichtenstein, White Jazz- Jillian Menzel and Carina Corrigan, Blue Jazz- Julianna Rigoglioso and Olivia Ohngemach, White Pom- Erin Durr and Gabby Oliveri, Blue Pom- Haley Kampschmidt and Nikki Gromb.

Both teams’ captains and overalls are so excited for the season as they begin to organize and plan their dances. Blue Overall Alyssa Mistretta says she is “excited to have the Blue Team bond this season and to work really hard to achieve our goals and have fun!” White Jazz captain Jillian Menzel says she is “most excited to get the chance to work with the girls to create a dance that the crowd will love.”

Be sure to keep posted about SDA information as the season approaches if you are interested in being part of a dance or multiple dances. Until then, the captains and overalls will work hard to ensure an unforgettable season this SDA 2019!