Spirit Week Recap

Spirit Week:

Spirit week is a time where Wayne Valley can come together as one. This idea is portrayed through the way students dress. This year’s themes include Monsters University Monday, Sleeping Beauty Tuesday, Alice in Wonderland Wednesday, Lilo & Stitch Thursday, and Back to the Ball Friday. Overall, spirit week allows the students at Valley to demonstrate their pride and love for our school!

Monsters University Monday:

Monsters University begins our spirit week by wearing your favorite college attire! Students emphasized their pride in a college that they will be attending, a family member attends/attended, or a college they like. As a result, by wearing college gear, its sets a positive tone and spirit for students to attend college!

Sleeping Beauty Tuesday:

Sleeping Beauty Tuesday was a favorite for many! This theme allows students to feel comfortable in their pajamas while in school. Almost every student at Valley participated in this day due to the fact that all you had to do was get out of bed and go to school. Hence, everyone loved this day and was definitely feeling warm and cozy all day long!  

Alice in Wonderland Wednesday:

On Wednesday the students of Wayne Valley got the chance to wear their favorite hat. Whether it was a simple sports cap, or an extravagant Alice in Wonderland hat, students got to expressive themselves and admire all the hats that filled the halls.

Lilo and Stitch Thursday

On Thursday the classrooms were filled with students dressed in their best Hawaiian gear. With the incoming cold weather approaching students got the chance to dress in Hawaiian clothes to reminisce over summer like in the movie Lilo and Stitch.

Back to the Ball Friday

On Friday students were instructed to wear their homecoming t-shirt or a white shirt in preparation for Wayne Valley’s first homecoming dance. By dressing in white and buying a homecoming, ticket it shows how Wayne Valley comes together in the school and out.

Senior Camryn Siouffi said, “It was so much fun dressing up throughout the week and showing my school spirit. I am going to miss Spirit Week next year while I’m in college.”