New Teachers At Wayne Valley

Hava Ceca, Staff Writer

Wayne Valley has a variety of different teachers everywhere around the building. They are all great in different ways. This year, some new teachers joined our team. One of my very own new teachers, Mrs Hazel, is a perfect example. Mrs Hazel teaches Foods and Child Development Three. It has only been about a month with Mrs Hazel and our class already loves her. She is an outstanding teacher but also great at being someone who is there for us, which is also very important.

Wayne Valley is a comfortable and loving environment. Students and staff are friendly and will greet you even if they don’t know you. As Mrs Hazel said, “I love Wayne Valley.My students and staff are great as well.” Mrs Hazel loves this work environment because of the staff and especially all the new ideas and recipes the administration lets her try, especially for foods. This was definitely a big change from where she used to teach, Florida.

Getting used to a new workplace is definitely a challenge. It takes time to get used to, but when you are it feels like home. Mrs Hazel was asked, “ Has this position been stressful for you?” , She answered with “ No, I enjoy the class. My only drama is leaving my cooking class and making it to the other side of the building for child development but it will get better. “ She is positive and passionate towards her job.  

The biggest reason she is teaching family consumer sciences is because of her mom taught teaching the same thing,. Also, her grandfather was a Wood shop teacher at a Special Education Boarding school, and her grandmother was a dietitian. She loved to work with kids, and knew this was the right fit for her. Mrs. Hazel taught Child Development in Florida and “ I worked as a head start teacher for about a year as well.” With all the experience, she is fit for the busy schedule here at Wayne Valley.

Mrs. Hazel had started doing the little things in life to prepare for her career at a young age. From being 13 and taking care of kids on Jewish holidays while parents were in prayer, to working with children and special education students at 17. All these experiences shaped her into a better teacher. “I don’t think I would do anything different,” exclaimed Hazel. The life and college experiences that Hazel has made her achieve her goals and become a better educator.