Color Run

Gianna LaMorges, Staff Writer

Wayne Valley’s Annual Color Run is one of the biggest events every fall. It is organized by the dance team and it takes place at the high school. This year, it took place on September 30th and the majority of the school participated. Sports teams from all around the school band together and ran including the football team, the dance team, the soccer team, the cheer team, the softball team, and many more. The money made from the run goes towards St. Judes and the Wayne Valley Dance Team, and it is a great cause and an amazing experience.

Senior Alyssa Mistretta is the one of the heads of the dance team and helped run the event. She explained that in the color run, you run a 5k while volunteers, such as the Wayne Valley Dance Team and the NHS, throws color bombs at you. Mistretta commented, “The point is to run and just get covered in color. It is tons of fun.”

The annual color run brings Wayne Valley High School students closer as a community and a student body. Events like these make our school just that much better and stronger. Also, having events like these at the highschool level really helps underclassman and new students feel accepted as a part of the Wayne Valley High School community.

Celine Omar, a sophomore at WVHS, shared her experience at the run, “It really was cool seeing the school come together as a community at the color run, “ Omar recounted. Many sophomores and freshmen went to the event and had just as much fun as the juniors and seniors. Such events bring people together as a group and are heaps of fun for everyone involved.

While the run is a big hit among students, faculty, and locals, there are parts of the event that could be improved. Omar stated that while the run was a blast and she would do it again next year, she wishes there was more color and music. Also, Mistretta, being one of many volunteers who helped organize the event, commented on about the few things she would change about the events organization. “It would be better if there were places for people coming as teams to go for registration because the sports teams were kind of confused on how to come in,” Mistretta confided.

Also, freshman Grace Steiner elaborated on Omar’s explanation of the registration. Steiner agreed that the registration was not a difficult process and “it was run really well,.”. While Mistretta and Omar would change some small things about the run, the two of them along with Steiner made it known that the event was a blast and that they would do it again for years to come.

Senior Mattison Indomenico, head of the dance team alongside Mistretta, and another volunteer, gave us the rundown of the event and what she would have changed. Indomenico stated that she would have wanted to promote the run more, she mentioned how the sales and turnout dropped from last years run. However, while Indomenico would have wanted to promote the event more, she explained that the set up was perfect. “The parents helped a lot and the dance team girls came to help also, “ Indomenico reassured. Of course, while there are definitely things to fix for next years run, everything seemed to have worked out.

While the setup and organization was on point, so was the color itself. Steiner explained that seeing the color was a great sight. “I don’t know how to put this but I really liked seeing and running through the clouds of color. It’s pretty cool,” Steiner admitted during our talk.

The color run held at Wayne Valley High School is a people pleaser every year, draws in quite the crowd, raises money for a great cause. Most of the proceeds go towards the Saint Jude’s Foundation, while the rest goes to Wayne Valley teams such as the Dance Team and many more.

Make sure to sign up when next years run comes around. It is a great cause, an event to remember and it is certainly a sight to see!