Wayne Valley’s First Homecoming

This year, Wayne Valley has introduced something new and exciting to the school year, its first ever Homecoming! The Executive Student Council has been working extremely hard on this project to make it accommodate everyone. George Beyjoun, Executive Vice President, is just one of the students in charge of running and planning Homecoming. He wanted to hold an event where all grades were allowed to attend and everyone could have fun together. George has been involved with student council since freshman year and and always wanted to have another school event. With this being his senior year, he decided to “go for it and plan a dance!”

The idea of homecoming all started when him and this years Executive President, Maria Pacelli, started planning during their sophomore year. They wanted to make spirit week better and more fun for the students. George says the goal was to “bring valley pride back to valley”. The theme of spirit week this year was Disney. At Homecoming there was a DJ, photo booth, food, refreshments and royalty elections! 

There has been a lot of mixed reviews and backlash about the dance and getting rid of the pep rally. George expressed, “I’m not shy when it comes to something that I feel strongly about. I have been sticking up for myself and just telling people this will be something they wouldn’t want to miss. Especially seniors, this is our last year so lets make the best out of it!” The goal was for everyone to have fun and create a new tradition that all students could be apart of.

They assembled a homecoming committee where student volunteers helped prepare for this special night. Many students were looking forward to attend Homecoming including senior Caitlin Leva saying, “I am excited because it’ll be interesting and it’s Valley’s first ever Homecoming! Many students had a great time with their friends.

So much hard work and dedication has been put into the planning and implementing of this Homecoming dance. The student council hope that all the  students had a great time with their friends and that the next executive council will want another Homecoming next year.