James Fallon Recieves Blue Ribbon

In Wayne, New Jersey James Fallon Elementary School has recently been awarded the blue ribbon of excellence. They obtained this by not only showing academic success but by maintaining a stable and fun environment for the students. The Principal, Mr. Mayyan, is a hard-working individual who worked there for several years.

How does this affect you? This prestigious award affects not only the elementary school, but it is representing the whole Wayne community. Especially if you are attending Wayne schools or if you have relatives that attend a school then this heavily impacts you.

Although Fallon´s students achieved high scores and academic success, the motivation was the key to obtain the blue ribbon. An Alumni supported this by saying,¨ “We usually talked about the code of conduct weekly.” She also believes that a teacher´s inspiration contributes to the overall success.

Much credit is given to teachers and principal but without the students working hard none of this would have been able to happen. A former student claims, that ¨the school works hard as a whole rather than individual parts simultaneously.¨ Consequently, the Parcc scores are high and self-explanatory that the students have been hard working and understand the challenging content.

Most people like that student believe that ¨school spirit¨ did play a role in the award.  The learning atmosphere, and teacher were able to make classes engaging and grab students´ attention. James Fallon has built a reputation that all schools´ goal is to achieve.  They show this by planning to create a safe and stable environment for students to pursue their dreams whether on the stage, on the field, or in the classroom and excel at it.