Parking at Wayne Valley

Hannah Whitmore, Staff Writer

Students at Wayne Valley attribute most of the traffic in the parking lots to other student drivers, and teachers attribute it to parents dropping off their kids. Either way, the congestion of cars causes significant time spent trying to park in the mornings.

Students and teachers agree that both the traffic around campus is worse in the mornings before school than after school, and that driving to school can be irritating at times. A teacher advised, ¨People driving to school should leave their house to be early, because leaving to be  just on timewill make you late.¨

Students and teachers usually experience different issues, although both derive from the general traffic in the morning. For students, annoyances in the parking lots come from other students who ¨try to speed into their spots,¨ as explained by a senior who parks in the lot by the football field.

A teacher, however, says the abundance of cars comes from parent drivers who drop off their kids in the side lot designated for teachers, despite the rule against this. Parents are supposed to drop off through the courtyard, but presumably feel dropping off in the teacher lot would be quicker because of all of the traffic by the courtyard. The courtyard traffic from students, in turn, causes traffic for teachers in this side lot.

Both students and teachers agree the time where traffic is the worst in the morning ranges from 7:05-7:15, so it may be best for new drivers to come a little earlier to minimize the traffic they experience.