A Glance at the Lives of Chamber Choir and Chorus Members

Gianna DiTucci, Staff Writer

Walking past the chorus room, you might think it sounds simply nice or pretty. But do you really know what goes on in these music classes? Students in chamber choir and chorus work hard each and everyday to learn and perfect their music for several concerts throughout the year. Each year, a fall, winter, spring, and pops concert are held for both the chorus and chamber choir combined. These concerts are full of vibrant music from all different cultures and genres. So next time you are free, stop on by to one of these concerts to see the amazingly talented singers we are blessed to have at Wayne Valley. For all you singers out there, consider joining one of these choral groups next year because they are a tremendous amount of fun! Attesting to this fun, some students wanted to tell you about their experiences in being apart of the chamber choir. Senior Angie Cirovic says, “What I like most about chamber choir is that I get to do something I love while learning new things everyday.” Junior Jason Tobias loves that chamber choir gives him an outlet to “perform different styles of music.” Junior Sabrina Shah says, “Chamber choir is my favorite class because it’s not only fun to have a class where I get to sing everyday, but everyone there loves what they do.” Junior Deanna Thomas loves being able to “walk into a room with the people I love and getting to sing everyday, unlike any other class.”