Wayne Valley’s Instagram: ValleyisOne

 It’s no question social media is an important part of the Wayne Valley High School culture and most high school students’ lives. But of all the social networking sites out there, the official Instagram account of student life at Wayne Valley, Valley Is One, is the one the students have responded to the most. Run by the Marketing II class at Wayne Valley, the account boasts nearly 1,500 followers and an average of about 200-300 likes per post. The goal of the account is to capture what’s happening day-to-day at Valley while keeping the student body up-to-date on current events, social responsibility, noteworthy events and deadlines, college visits, sports, arts, performing arts, culture, trending topics, scholarships, and a look into the everyday life of our amazing students!  

    It comes as no surprise that many faculty members, administrators, families, universities, and brands whose target audience includes our students have taken to the Valley Is One Instagram account. Marketing data shows that 76% of American teens age 13-17 use Instagram every single day so in order to capture the attention of those who scroll all day long, the marketing students run daily features including: “Athlete of the Week,” “Rookie of the Week,” “Artist of the Week,” “What’s the Tea? Tuesdays,” “Fashion Trend Thursdays,” “Twinning Thursdays,” “Martinez Monday Motivation,” “Palczewski’s Predictions,” “This week in College News and Visits,” and many more. Marketing II teacher Ms. Aimi stated, “Varying the content that is pushed out consistently to different groups using this platform has had a positive impact on our students, our education system in the township, and encourages a sense of community beyond the walls of this building.” The account was launched in 2015, with the “Valley Is One” brand name designed to use photos, captions, and hashtags to highlight our impressive student body. When it comes to getting information out to students and the community, the Marketing II students know how important it is to target the specific apps students spend the most time on, and to go where your target audience goes! Followers are encouraged to DM the account with exciting content, shots of our campus, sports games, and promotions of school-sponsored campaigns on a regular basis to be featured! Valley is One recently launched the hashtag #ValleyIndianPride #VIP to encourage their followers to share their own photos and be part of the conversation!


Do you want to stay up-to-date with Valley events, fundraisers and more? Follow @valleyisone on Instagram, Wayne Valley’s anchor Instagram account, and get instant access to daily school news.  It has many important details you won’t want to miss, and it features our very own students and staff! This account with over one-thousand followers is a quick, easy way to stay tuned, so why not give it a follow! Who knows, maybe you will even be featured! @valleyisone is great for students, teachers and even parents.