School Bus Safety

Amanda Vogt, Staff Writer

School bus accidents were the talk of last spring. Now hoping that this will not happen again, the safety rules that are on the bus are more important than ever. The law even makes sure that all students must know and understand the rules of being on the bus. Even in the case of a rowdy student, the bus driver has many things that he/she can do. Officer Zaccone is positive about this.

All of the students at Wayne Valley High School should know all of the things that they are expected of them. When asked if this statement is true Zaccone replied, “Yes, yes they should!” Hoping that accidents will not occur all of the students will know what to do in case of an emergency. “By law, they must do 2 bus evacuation drills a year…” Officer Zaccone goes on to say that, “There was one done on the morning of October third.”

Most importantly, all students must listen to the bus driver. In the words of Officer Zaccone, “[The bus] driver’s priority is to get the students safely from point A to B,” he goes on to claim. “With that, the students must maintain order on the bus and if the students are still acting out the bus driver can pull over or if it comes to it to call for police assistance.” Drivers cannot pay attention to the students’ actions that are taking place when they should be putting their awareness towards the road.

When asked if there is anything that the students are not aware of he shook his head, yes! “All buses in the Wayne School District are equipped with high-quality video cameras and clear audio which assists the administration and law enforcement in the event of a situation involving the inside of the bus, the quality of both is outstanding,” Zaccone proclaims. This will make things easier for the investigators if something happened on the bus, so they can resolve issues better than before.

Even though bus accidents can happen, they do not occur as much as you may think. In the eyes of Officer Zaccone, “When you look at the big picture of how many school buses are operating in a single day in North Jersey accidents with buses and other vehicles are very rare.”