New Clubs at Wayne Valley Newspaper Article

Abby Elkin, Julin Sivriev, and Carly Beilis

Due to budget cuts seven years ago, several clubs had to be cut. This included Model UN, Mock Trial, and Junior State of America. However, because of popular demand, these clubs are making a huge comeback at Wayne Valley. Last Tuesday on September 25, Wayne Valley held its annual Club Day during lunch periods in the large gym. The goal of this event was to get freshman or any other person interested to join the array of clubs offered at Wayne Valley! Many popular clubs such as Future Business Leaders of America, Peer Leaders, Smoke Signals and more showcased the members of their clubs in hopes to recruit more members. This year’s Club Day was slightly more special than years before, as there were three new clubs that were established this year! This event was a fun opportunity for students to join ongoing clubs and see if they were interested in new clubs at Wayne Valley.

The brand new clubs at Wayne Valley are Junior State of America (JSA), Model United Nations (Model UN), and Mock trial. Most of these clubs have never been at Wayne Valley before, and have many fun activities and field trips that come with being a member of them. One such club is Junior State of America, which is a club dedicated to helping students acquire leadership skills and debate skills for anyone interested in debating or pursuing a career in politics. Members of this club have opportunities to go to conventions where debates take place, as well as many other field trips. Another new club to Wayne Valley is the Model United Nations! In Model UN, students can roleplay United Nations delegates and simulate the UN committees. UN simulations are then run, testing a student’s ability to be an effective diplomat. Students are assigned a country, and are expected to act as the country they are representing to pass favorable resolutions. Members of this club have opportunities to visit conferences and even the United Nations Headquarters in New York City! The final club is Mock Trial, in which students simulate a court case and are given positions and jobs to defend their side. The trials will consist of an opening statement, direct examination, cross examination, and a closing statement. The students will compete against other schools in a four-round trial.This club is perfect for anyone interested in law or politics or a way to develop public speaking and debating skills.

All three clubs are great opportunities to reach out of your comfort zone and get involved at Wayne Valley. Don’t miss out on these fun clubs, that look appealing to colleges and push your academic boundaries! Sign up today!