Wellness Weekends: Are They Truly Effective?

Wellness Weekends — Are They Truly Effective?

On Columbus Day weekend, the Wayne Valley student body kicked back and relaxed as they enjoyed a three day break with no homework. Known as the wellness weekend, it is an initiative created by the Wayne Board of Education to reduce stress levels seen in students. However, could this wellness plan have a toll on the rigorous courses in Wayne Valley?

Although having the health of the students as a priority is beneficial, it could have an effect on the curriculum, specifically, AP courses. AP teachers and students already feel the pressure to fit an entire curriculum in before the exams begin in May. These wellness weekends have the potential to interfere with the student’s crucial studying time. Of course, AP students will most likely study for their exams, yet, the wellness initiative could possibly discourage them from doing so. This could result in lower AP exam scores. This does not apply solely to honors and AP students. When a mandated homework-free weekend is issued across the district, students are less likely to open their school supplies and study.

This can only cause harm towards academic performance. When students are not studying, their grades will inevitably drop. This puts a significant amount of stress on teachers, who want all of their students to perform well and succeed on tests and other assignments.

Ultimately, although that the wellness weekend initiative sounds fantastic in theory, it does not have the desired effect in practice. Wayne Township Public Schools should further investigate other options to minimize the stress of all students in the school system.