The Inside Scoop on Chamber Choir and Chorus

A huge part of  the Wayne Valley High School community is our Chorus and Chamber Choir.  Every year, students join the choir and devote countless hours to singing their hearts out.  We interviewed some students involved in chorus and chamber and got the inside scoop on what it is like to be a music student.

Some singers in the chorus program have the opportunity to be a member of select singing group known as the Chamber Choir.  Sasha Kazakov gave us the rundown on what it’s like to audition for the group. “It wasn’t necessarily difficult, but it was pretty nerve wracking because there was no way to prepare for the audition. Ms. Russoniello would give you an audition song right on the spot and you would just have to give it your best shot.” Sasha is a sophomore who is in both chamber choir and chorus. She also did chorus all throughout middle school and was a member of the middle school select group at George Washington Middle School known as The Eaglettes.

Jillian San Pascual was part of these choirs in middle school as well. We asked her about the differences between both middle and high school choir. She said, “There’s a huge difference. In middle school, I remember it being easier since I only needed to memorize the tune. However, in high school it’s a lot more sight reading.” High school choir appears to be much more difficult in the eyes of sophomore Jillian. It is also much different to freshman Gianluca Russo. He didn’t see middle school and high school choir as different as Jillian did. “It’s not extremely different, but our teacher expects us to learn or get familiar with songs more quickly than we would in Middle school choir.”

 We also asked him how his very first year of high school chorus has been going and here’s what he had to say, “It’s going pretty well. Miss. Russ is an awesome teacher.”  Being a freshman is undoubtedly difficult. With friends by your side who share similar interests, however, it can be a much easier transition. Junior Bella Pluta mentioned how great it is to have such good friends in chorus. “I like that everyone is really supportive of each other and always trying to help you.” Support is huge in the chorus community. Helping each other out is what makes them stronger singers each day, and a well rounded award winning choir.

Be sure to check out the chorus members hardwork in the fall concert on October 24! They dedicated hours of time and put a lot of effort into the show and we are sure it will be one of the best!