Fall 2018 Trivia Answers


  • When is the center of the sun directly over the equator?
    • A – The equinox
  • What kind of trees shed leaves?
    • C – Deciduous trees
  • When do most Americans celebrate the start of fall?
    • B – Labor Day
  • What is an Indian Summer?
    • A – Heat waves that occur in the fall
  • What is the highest fall temperature on record in New Jersey?
    • C – 105 F
  • What is a harvest moon?
    • D – A full moon that occurs closest to the fall equinox.
  • What weed pollen causes the most common fall allergies?
    • A – Ragweed
  • How many apples are needed for one gallon of apple cider?
    • A – About 40 apples

When is the midterm election?

C – November 6th

What is the biggest factor in determining what color a tree’s leaves will be?

A – The species of tree


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