Fall 2018 Trivia

Andrew Kiel , Staff Writer

  1. When is the center of the sun directly over the equator?
  2. During the equinox
  3. At dawn
  4. During a midsummer night’s dream
  5. What kind of trees shed leaves?
  6. Evergreens B. Cacti C. Deciduous trees


  1. When do most Americans celebrate the start of fall?
  2. Arbor Day B. Labor Day C. Memorial Day


  1. What is an Indian Summer?
  2. When a heat waves that occur in the fall
  3. When the leaves all fall off the trees
  4. When the temperature finally gets below freezing.


  1. What is the highest fall temperature on record in New Jersey?
  2. 98oF B. 100oF C. 105oF


  1. What is a harvest moon?
  2. A red moon
  3. Two full moons in one month
  4. A full moon that lights a harvest in the North East
  5. A full moon that occurs closest to the fall equinox.


  1. What weed pollen causes the most common fall allergies?
  2. Ragweed
  3. Mold
  4. Grass
  5. Acorns


  1. How many apples are needed for one gallon of apple cider?
  2. About 40 apples
  3. About 25 apples
  4. About 5 apples
  5. About 100 apples


  1. The midterm elections will take place on what day?
  2. November 8th
  3. November 10th
  4. November 6th
  5. November 1st


  1. What is the biggest factor in determining what color a tree’s leaves will be?
  2. The species of tree
  3. How late it is in the season
  4. Nutrients in the soil
  5. The amount of sun the tree gets

Refer to our Trivia Answers page to see how many you got correct!