SDA 2018-2019: Overalls and Board Members

By: Claire Bamdas and Sasha Kazakov, Staff Writers

It’s a new year, which means a new SDA season! Both the blue and white teams are so excited to see what ideas the SDA board members have in store. The 2018-2019 president, Carly Birnberg, along with the vice president, Grace Schneider, and the rest of the board are hard at work to make this season the best one yet. With the help of the new head advisor, Mrs. Quintino, this season is sure to be one you won’t forget! The blue and white secretaries, historians, and treasurers are as follows:

*Blue Treasurer- Jeana Fermi
*Blue Historian- Jiji Lindsey
*Blue Secretary- Julia Ricciardi
*White Treasurer- Raquel Simon
*White Historian- Caneel Axberg
*White Secretary- Jill Schwartz

On October 12, overall tryouts took place, and the results are as follows:
*Blue Overall: Alyssa Mistretta
*White Overall: Mattison Indomenico

We asked the two overalls a few questions about their past experience with SDA, and about what their hopes are for this upcoming season.
“What made you want to become overall?”
Alyssa: “I love being a leader and watching the girls and the team grow throughout the season. The bonds that everyone makes are so great, and I love that I can help that happen.”

“What are you most excited for in the upcoming season?”
Alyssa: “I’m excited for practices and to just start the process. I know that all the girls will work very hard, and although things may not always be easy, I know it’ll be worth it in the end.

“What do you hope to improve for the blue team this year?”
Alyssa: “I hope to improve the way the team bonds this year, and to have everyone be even closer and feel even more welcome than they did last year. I also hope that practices will run smoothly so we can get done what we need to do, and still have time to have a lot of fun!”

“What was the first thing that popped into your head when you were announced as the 2019 White Overall?”
Mattison: “The first thing that popped into my head was how excited I am to start practices and end my last year of SDA with a bang!”

“What is your favorite part of being on the white team?”
Mattison: “My favorite part of being on the White Team is the fact that we can have fun while working hard and have it pay off in the end.”

“What are your hopes for the white team this SDA season?”
Mattison: “My hopes for the season are for all the girls to enjoy their time and make memories they will remember for a lifetime.”

“Why should someone sign up for SDA?”
Mattison: “You should sign up for SDA because it is a fun experience with a feeling of unity throughout the team and a place to meet new people.”
he team and a place to meet new people.”