Athlete Spotlight: Amanda Galenkamp, Junior, Volleyball Player

Amanda Galenkamp, a Wayne Valley junior, really stood out these first few games of her volleyball season. Once Amanda sis on the court, she keeps a calm demeanor, knowing that her team is counting on her to set up a good set for the game. As soon as she hits the ball, the game is in action and Amanda, once again, sets the ball perfectly. Her smooth setting skills is only one of the many factors that contributed to her playing on the varsity team this year.
Amanda has played volleyball for Wayne Valley for the past 3 years now. She started off on Junior Varsity both her freshman and sophomore year, and advanced to the Varsity team this year as a junior. She plays the position of setter, which is the person who decides who gets the ball and when they get the ball. Overall, her position is a very important contributor as to how the game is set up and how the game continues to go. She consistently provides her team’s hitters with outstanding sets, further helping her team to achieve victory in their games. After the game at West Morris,

Coach Carchich said Amanda, “…distributed the ball well, her serve alone brought us back into the game when we were down.” So far this season, Amanda has had a whopping 106 assists, 26 digs, 12 aces, 6 kills! Talk about skill!

Coach Carcich went on to explain how Amanda has a “Great attitude, inquisitive, trying to better herself, calm and relaxed and doesn’t’ let things get to her, she doesn’t stress which is go

od.” Since Amanda keeps herself calm, she is further able to concentrate on the game, hence helping her team win with her impressive sets. When asked about what

Amanda’s most memorable/best performance of this year was, he responded, ¨She’s very consistent across the board that’s a hard question. She just does a good job.¨ When asked about Amanda´s most memorable/best season throughout her high school career, He went to say that, ¨First varsity year, they were undefeated as a JV team and she was a big part of it. We are having a great season and she’s a big part of it. I love this year because I have her on my team. Personally, I love having her here where she belongs.¨ Coach Carchich only furthers the point about how important Amanda is to the team, and how her skills are only going to get better.

Amanda´s teammate Victoria Aguilera, a junior, went on to say that “She’s really hard working and she puts a lot of time into volleyball.”

As she reflected on her volleyball career, Amanda responded, ¨Volleyball has impacted my life through high school by giving me a great group of girls to play and grow with. It’s also been great to have a sort of volleyball family at valley always ready to back me up if I need them.¨ Her respect and appreciation for her team shows how she has a great character on and off the court. She went on to explain how ¨My team is my backbone and I love them so much. They are a great group of people who I wouldn’t trade for anything.” Amanda and her love for her teammates helps her when it comes to games. The support from her friends is an important factor, not only for her, but her teammates as well. Amanda demonstrates what it means to have good sportsmanship, and what it means to be a teammate, and a friend.