Tales of the Average American Teenager: Valley Students’ Silliest Moments! Class of 2022

These Freshmen reveal their craziest, silliest and even most embarrassing moments of the school year so far!  

“I was at Burger King one day with my friend and their was bug in food, so I was started to flick it to go away.  When I kept on flicking it, the tomato got stuck on my finger because of the mayonnaise. I went to fick it off my finger and the tomato ended up landing on an old lady’s back. When I wanted to go and apologize to the old lady, she got up with her jacket and left. The tomato was still on her back.”

“I walked into a wrong class on the first day because I thought it was french class but it was really spanish class. The teacher asked,  “Do you take spanish?” I said ‘Yeah” but I was lying. I didn’t know what to say, it just came out of my mouth. The teacher then said ok, and he saw that I had a French saying on my shirt. She started to walk towards me but I jumped up and left the class and  while I was walking out she started shouting my name.”

“One day my mom was doing laundry and I was taking a nap, so my sister was alone in the kitchen. We had a pet goldfish and it’s name was Gordo.” Gordo is a spanish nickname that people use for something that is ‘big’ or ‘fat.’ Her little sister wanted to take the pet goldfish to the North Pole, since it was during the winter season.  “She gets a chair, puts it against the refrigerator, and then she opens the freezer and puts the fish in.” The little sister then continues to do her daily activities such as, watching television, playing games, eating, etc. “I wake up from my nap and I don’t ask about the fish or anything. But then, when my mom comes home later on, she asked where the fish is, so she can feed it. My sister freaks out, she opens the fridge, and the fish is frozen.”  Her mom freaked out as well because her daughter killed Gordo. “So basically, the fish died because it was frozen and we couldn’t unfreeze it. The End.”