Homecoming Court

Wayne Valley’s first annual homecoming wouldn’t be right if there was no court! At this year’s homecoming, on October 19th, you can vote for “royalty” for each grade. Seniors are voted King and Queen of their grade, juniors are voted Prince and Princess, sophomores are voted Duke and Duchess, and freshmen are voted Count and Countess. With lots of preparation and effort put in by the student council, the homecoming committee, and the nominees, this will be a night to remember!

In order to be nominated for royalty, interested students must go through the application process. Students were required to grab a form from room 239 and then obtain 75 signatures from other students in their grade. From there, three teachers needed to sign each candidates form along with their parent or guardian’s signature. Application forms were due October 12th.  

The nominees for King and Queen include five couples. In addition, our Prince and Princess have one couple, Count and Countess have one couple, and Duke and Duchess nominees are yet to be determined. Included in the process of determining royalty, there is a pre-elimination round for seniors. The senior class will fill out a Google Form to pick the top three couples moving on to elections at the dance. All grades will then vote for a final King and Queen, along with the rest of the court.

A fun-filled night is coming Wayne Valley’s way on October 19th. Don’t forget to buy your homecoming ticket and vote for this year’s homecoming court!