Class of 2018 Decision Day

Leanna Salmanson, Staff Writer

May 1, also known as Decision Day, is when all the seniors chose where they’re spending the next 4 years of their lives. The class of 2018 is going to schools that vary in size. From Princeton University to Penn State the senior class is on their way to a bright future.

When picking a college, a majority of the senior class looked at the programs these schools offered, how close it was to home, and obviously the cost of the school. People make pros and cons list, imagine themselves at the school and talk to current students at the university to see how they will like it. Money also played a factor. 68% of people surveyed got a scholarship from their schools. Some of us aren’t so lucky and will go into debt.

The seniors still have a lot to look forward to like prom, the senior trip and graduation. Now they are focusing on their future. They are excited about new opportunities, new locations, new friends and new experiences. Check back with the seniors in five years to see where they are then!