Spring Charity Events-

Abby Elkin, News Editor

he spring/summer season is a great time to gain new experiences and allow yourself to have more opportunities. A terrific way to enjoy yourself and simultaneously aid your community is through charity events. Wayne Valley isT hosting two important events that will provide funding for wonderful organizations, the Chorus Charity Show and Relay for Life .

The Chorus Charity Show is an annual tradition at Wayne Valley High School on Thursday, May 24th at 7pm. Tickets for students are $3 and for adults they are $5. Students from Wayne Valley will participate in the talent show and the proceeds from which will be given to the Trevor Project. The foundation focuses on suicide prevention in the LBGTQ community and outside out of it, and the funding created by the event will heavily impact the organization. Sophia Monte, a participating junior adds, “I think it’s really fun that we’re all able to do something we love while supporting a great cause.” Please attend this charity event if you are interested in helping suicide prevention, while enjoying some amazing singing.

Relay for Life is a vital contributor of funding for cancer research to find new cures and treatments. Join a team to walk with and stay at WVHS overnight to earn money from supporters and the proceeds from which are given to the American Cancer Society. This year it will take place on June 2nd-3rd from 4pm- 5am at Wayne Valley High School. This is a wonderful and fun opportunity to increase the chances of a cure for cancer, so do not hesitate to join.