Wayne Lacrosse Day

April 28th was Wayne Lacrosse Day where every Valley lacrosse team squares off against Wayne Hills. The past few years Wayne Lacrosse Day has been held at Hills; this year there was a change with Valley hosting the event. Madison Phillips, a star on the girls varsity lacrosse team, was asked about the change to Valley and if she liked seeing it at home.  She responded, “Yes, I felt it has gotten a lot better since being at Hills the last couple years. There was a lot of new stuff like food and more activities that made it more fun and exciting.” The popularity of the sport has also been growing around town. A couple of years ago there weren’t as many people attending the event as this year and there were more people in the stands watching the games than in previous years.

The games have become a lot more competitive with Valley and Hills Varsity Boys both competing for top spots in counties coming in to Wayne Lacrosse Day. Unfortunately,  Valley Boys Varsity and JV came up short against Hills while Freshman boys and both the JV and Varsity girls came out ahead of Hills. When asked about which games she watched, Maddie Phillips stated “I went to the boys varsity game. Obviously I played in the girls varsity game and then I watched girls JV and the boys freshman game.”  It seems that all the lacrosse players, whether Varsity, JV or Freshman boys or girls all were supporting one another by going to their games and cheering one another on. Wayne Lacrosse Day is a great event and this year’s attendance proves lacrosse to be growing, along with the players.