The Artboretum District-wide Art Show

        On Sunday, May 6th, the Laurelwood Arboretum hosted the Wayne Township Public Schools’ Art Show. The exhibit, comprised of artwork of various mediums from students in grades K-12, was a huge success. Visitors were encouraged to view the work at any time from 2:00-4:00pm the day of the showing, and will be able to see the displays on their own time for two week following the show.

         “[The show] featured a range of beautiful pieces, and the entire atmosphere really highlighted the art and students’ talent,” recounts Nina Chalgeri, an attendee of the show.

This year the show has been hosted at the Arboretum, a tranquil botanical garden fitting for the celebration of students’ art. (Insert exact classes she teaches) teacher Ms. Olivo explains, “quote about the significance of displaying at the Laurelwood.”

         The selection process (insert info about the selection process), and many students were able to see their art displayed for public admiration.

Wayne teacher and proud mother Mrs. Amy Nazarko attests to the excitement at being able to attend, citing her daughter’s excitement as infectious. “Audrey is very excited,” Nazarko remarks, smiling. “[She drew] a lion.”

         Along with Audrey Nazarko, many talented young artists were able to gain recognition and share the special moment with friends and family.