Spring Trivia Answers

It’s time for Spring Cleaning, so dust off those brains of yours! Here are the answers to our spring trivia!!

  1. When is the sun directly over on the first day of spring in the northern hemisphere?
    1. The equator
  2. What does the term “equinox” mean?
    1. Day and night are equal in time
  3. In America, which bird is seen as the symbol of spring?
    1. Robin
  4. In Japan, which flower is seen as a symbol of spring?
    1. Cherry Blossoms
  5. Who introduced the idea of Daylights Saving?
    1. Benjamin Franklin
  6. When is “Spring” played in Vivaldi’s Four Seasons?
    1. First
  7. What were the WW1 German attacks called Kaiser’s Battle also known as?
    1. The Spring Offensive
  8. Why do allergies increase in the Spring?
    1. Increased pollen
  9. In what year did spring cleaning begin?
    1. 1857
  10. Other than flooding, which natural disaster is most likely to occur in the spring?
    1. Tornadoes