Student Spotlight: Kara Celi

Junior year is often considered the most stressful year of high school; balancing college admission exams, juggernauts of homework, and extracurriculars is a highly challenging task. However, junior Kara Celi manages to do it all with an element of excellence. Furthermore, her unbridled passion for the STEM field is truly exemplary and has helped many others in the Wayne Valley community develop interest in STEM.

“STEM careers are often looked at as being too hard or unattainable because of the amount of knowledge required to be successful in them. In a world with so many possibilities, it’s upsetting to think that there’s people in this world who give up on a dream of theirs because they feel that it’s unachievable.” says Celi.

Fueled by this troubling mindset among high school youth, Celi planned and executed ‘A Night to STEM-member’, which she considers one of her greatest achievements. The highly successful night featured industry professionals and top companies, all in hopes of bringing exposure to careers in STEM. Celi is currently planning a second STEM night and aims to make it an annual event.

Celi’s leadership qualities shine through her position as President and Founder of Valley’s own SciTech Club, which revolves around technology and robotics. On top of her extensive work in STEM, Celi is also an active participant in the WeAct club, SDA, Valley’s fencing team, and has been inducted into the NHS and NAHS.

In regards to her future aspirations, she states, “I want to be a part of the change that will result in a better Earth and lifestyle.”

Evidently, Celi’s ambitious nature makes her a perfect candidate for that. As for career plans, she hopes to attend medical school and pursue a career in biomedical engineering.