Emphasis Writing Contest

For years, Wayne Valley’s literary magazine, Emphasis, has been hosting a writing contest that targets young writers with creativity and passion for poetry and prose. There are usually two contests: a general pool of submissions and one centered around a theme. This year, the second category asks for works that focus on growth. You are encouraged to interpret it however you wish in order to make your submission stand out. You can enter as many pieces as you desire—they must include your name, grade, and title. They must be school appropriate! The poetry or prose is due to Dr. White (Room 202), to one of the editors (Meredith Robbins, Sam Corbett, Melanie Gianino, Alexis Luglio), or to [email protected] by March 23rd. First place, second place, third place, and honorable mention will all receive special spots in this year’s edition of Emphasis, and the winner will be granted a Barnes and Nobles gift card! Good luck to all of the contestants!