Wayne Valley’s Rally

Shruthi Krishnamurthy, Editor-in-Cheif

On February 27th, Wayne Valley students held a rally to stand against gun violence. The event was organized as a response to the attack on Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, and as a way to honor the lost students. The increase in school-related attacks have left some concerned about the safety of their schools. But here, Valley’s Student Council was compelled to organize a rally to raise awareness for the ongoing gun-control debate. Students beli

eve that as long as they call attention to this issue, higher powers will be forced to take action.

Many felt the rally was a success, considering the staggering amount of both students and staff who attended the event. The rally can easily be seen as a display of Valley’s outstanding school community. Hundreds of people felt that they had to stand up against these attacks that have rocked schools across the nation over the last ten years. Although this rally was successful, some people think that there is still a long way to go in the issue of gun control and school safety. Wayne Schools continues to assure its students and staffs that their schools are safe.   

On March 14th, many students also participated in the nationwide walk out to protest gun violence in schools. Students from around the country walked out and many schools had a seventeen minute moment of silence to honor the victims of Parkland.