Junior Formal

On March 16, 2018, the junior class held a phenomenal Junior Formal at the Brownstone. It was a night filled with delicious food, fun dancing, great music, a funky DJ, dazzling dresses, and huge smiles. Everyone had a wonderful time thanks to the hardworking student council–and the advisors–who put this extraordinary event together.

George Beyjoun, the junior class Vice President, said that planning the Formal “was a lot of work but [the student council] enjoyed every second of it. Planning for us started at the beginning of sophomore year. It was really fun but at times it got stressful because it’s just a lot to keep up with, especially when it came to organizing tables. We tried our hardest to make sure everyone was included. Watching everyone have a great time on Friday made me happy, because it showed that all the hard work that we put into formal was enjoyed by the grade. We tried to do our best in organizing the event because the class of 2019 deserves the best! We learned a lot of lessons along the way and we can’t wait to put everything we learned to make next year’s prom even more amazing.”

He also added that “the shirts were designed by Samantha Gruber, and she did an amazing job. The theme of the masquerade was brought up to us by several students in our grade and we just love the idea.” On behalf of all the juniors who attended the Formal, it was a night to remember.


Here are what some juniors thought about the wonderful night:

Fath Vogel – “I had a lot of fun! The DJ was awesome and I loved seeing everybody dress up.”

Julia Philp – I thought it was really fun! I loved dressing up and being with all of my friends.”

Camryn Siouffi – “The DJ was amazing and I had a great time. Everyone looked so beautiful!”

Kara Celi – “The student council did a really good job and the shirts are very comfortable”.

Amanda “Mandie” Piszczatoski- “It was really fun; my friends and I had a great time. Everyone looked so pretty.”

Emma Gittleman- “The DJ was really good and I loved seeing everyone dressed up. Altogether, it was a really cool experience.”