What to Bring to Your College Dorm

After the long and strenuous college search and admissions process is over, you will have a new issue: what to bring to your dorm. Many of you will live hours away from home, so it is crucial that you have all of the essentials in your dorm as soon as possible. Here is a short guide on what to bring to your dorm.

First, you need to obviously bring the essentials, like sheets and a comforter, a computer, a supply kit (like bandages and Advil), and, of course, all of your clothes. But here are the items that are not as obvious, but can prove themselves to be necessary.

If you drink coffee, a Keurig machine is crucial. There are small versions of the machine that are available, which you can put on the corner of your desk. Not only are cups from a Keurig cheaper than anything you can buy from a coffee shop, but you can also use it 24/7 and from the comfort of your own dorm.

This next gadget is essential for nearly everyone. A small printer is necessary for those papers that you need printed late at night or right before it is due. Many libraries are not open during all hours of the night, so a personal printer is a much more reliable source. Like the coffee maker, it will take up only another corner of your desk. With your own printer, you can print as much as you want, which is great for those who like to print out rough copies of papers to proofread.

The last item that you need is a mini refrigerator. A mini fridge can keep anything cold, from drinks to leftovers. We all know that there is nothing worse than a warm drink or spoiled food, so a mini fridge is really fundamental to any college dorm.