Spring Cleaning For A Better You

Shannon DiCristina , News and Editorials Editor

Spring is a time where life and beauty come back from the dead bleak cold of winter; a time of rejuvenation. Maybe a little rejuvenation is what you need this spring break: to help you focus and excel for the rest of the remaining school year. If you feel you need to refocus and sort through your desk, room, thoughts, you are not alone; in fact, many cultures from all over the world and every time period engaged in the practice of spring cleaning–not only to get rid of the accumulated clutter of their homes and workplaces, but to clear and renew their minds.

Your physical surroundings will influence how you think and process information. Studies show that an unclean and cluttered workplace, or environment, induces stress levels and limits the brain’s ability to focus. In fact, being in an environment that is filled with clutter increases your level of cortisol, a stress hormone; and if the cluttered environment is your workplace (or school environment), studies show how it adversely affects job performance and satisfaction. By clearing out your physical environment this spring break, you will be helping your future self focus and perform better on tests and assignments, or just simply in your daily life!  

While it’s extremely beneficial to have a clean and sorted-out physical environment, it doesn’t do much if your mental environment isn’t in order. Clearing out the disarray and litter in your mind is critical for a successful spring cleaning.

The life of a student can be very stressful, with the neverending list of tests, projects, homeworks, not to mention the sports and after school clubs; all students should take the time to reorganize their lives and thoughts this spring break. School is not getting any easier–especially with the upcoming AP tests, PARCC, and finals–having a fresh and alert mind should be at the top of every student’s priority list.

Our minds are our best tools and assets. We have great potential to achieve our dreams and goals–only if the mind is in its best shape. We will not perform well if our minds are cluttered with negative thoughts. Afterall, thoughts will grow into results; like how seeds grow into plants. So, as the new flowers, plants, and leaves grow and blossom this spring, allow for your positive thoughts and clear mind to grow into your best achievements. Discard the negativity that will only hold you back, and replace it with the positivity that will allow you to accomplish anything you set your mind to.

Refocus, refresh, renew, and relax this spring to help you achieve all the plans you have ahead of you. Spring clean your entire environment (physical and mental); you will not only feel better, but you will perform better as well. Blossom into the person you want to be this spring–grow with your newfound sense of clarity, renewal, and focus.