Upcoming Winter Charity Events

Abby Elkin, Staff Writer

Charity events are wonderful ways to give back to communities that are meaningful to you. This coming winter there are numerous events that allow students and parents to participate for the good of the community. A volunteer group from the Boys and Girls Club in Wayne, NJ called “Keystone,” schedules charity events for the less fortunate. Two major events coming up are “Breakfast with Santa” and the “Giving Tree Event” during December. The “Breakfast with Santa” provides breakfast for many less-fortunate families and they receive gifts through donations on December 8th, 2017. To sign up, you can easily fill out a form and pay a small registration fee of $25, for the ability to aid the fellow volunteers for this cause. A participant, Kristina Martello( grade 10) stated, “It’s a good way to show your support for other families and an opportunity to give back to the community”. For a fun time and a way to help out, make sure you sign up for this event!

The second upcoming charity created by the Boys and Girls Club of Wayne is called the “Giving Tree Event”. This will take place in mid-December and it is a dinner for less fortunate children, who receive gifts that their families could not buy them. Kristina Martello mentioned, “The event gives you another perspective of how other people live and a way to help them out”. This is a fantastic event to participate in during the holiday season.There are also two charity runs taking place as funding for prominent causes on December 2nd at Brookdale Park in Bloomfield NJ, the American Cancer Fund will host the “3rd Annual Run Santa Run.” This run will be led by Santa and is a wonderful event for the whole family to take part in. The “Asbury Park Santa Run” on December 9th in Bradley Park, in Asbury Park, NJ is an opportunity for kids and parents to dress up as Santa. They can support the charity, “Lunch Break” which provides food and necessities to families throughout NJ. Make sure to do your part and participate in these events to, not only get you into the holiday spirit, but also to aid your community and others around you.