Teachers in the Crowd

Shreya Sekar, Staff Writer

The role of a teacher is to make sure that the future generation is well educated.To make sure that we are ready to be the greatest and most influential leaders the world has ever had. However, there are many children and teenagers all over the country that need this education. This meaning that there is high demand for teacher, and that they must have good reasons for picking where they work. Here are some of why our very own Wayne Valley teachers decided to work here.

Mr. Batiz, the band teacher who leads the jazz band, marching band, and symphonic band to success, has been a teacher here since 2011. He was first introduced to the Wayne Valley Band program while he was in college. Here he instantly feel in love with the band due to the nice atmosphere. However, he knew that the program was not in the best shape and needed to be reformed. After college, when there was an open position he took it, with hopes that he could make a difference.

Ms. Hayes, a teacher in the Math department remembers that when she first started teaching there where very few positions as a teacher. Then one day she saw an advertisement about a need for Special Education teachers in Wayne. She knew that the district here had a reputation for quality education in Passaic County. She then applied, hopeful to get the job, which she ended up getting.

Mrs.Patel, a Math teacher wanted to teach here due to her being an alumna of Wayne Valley. When she looks back at her time in high school, she remembers having a positive experience. She also felt that she was provided with great educational foundation. When the opportunity came to become a teacher here she was not hesitant and took the position. Mrs. Patel was thrilled to be playing a role that benefits so many students lives. In the exact same place where she had once learned valuable life skills that she used to become a teacher in the first place.   

     Mrs. Folenta, the child development and fashion teacher, was first introduced to the school district through family. Both her mother and stepfather had taught on the Child Study Team in the Wayne School district.While she was growing up, a lot of her time was spent time watching them. Later she did her classroom observation at Ryerson Elementary School. When a position opened up here she applied due to the many Family and Consumer Science courses that were available for her to teach.

Señora Colón, one of the Spanish teachers here says that she was drawn to the Wayne Schools System by its good reputation. Once hearing of it she wanted to be apart of it and make a positive impact for the foreign language department. When accepting the job she was thrilled that she could be given the chance to teach upper level Spanish courses.