Vincent Scaglione, Staff Writer

Overpopulation is one of the many environmental issues the United States and many other countries face. Overpopulation is when a place is populated with excessively large numbers of people. Now, this may sound fine to many people. But, because of overpopulation wooded and forested areas are being torn and made into things that benefit humans. But as a result, many species of animals and native species are forced to lose their homes.

As bad as animals losing their homes. A lot of these areas are being turned into turned into sports areas like football, baseball, and soccer fields. These things are l not a necessity and the creation of them aren’t pushing the world ahead. Yes, someone can and probably make a profit. But does profit equal the success of the natural world all living beings live in?

In an article by FAIR ( Federation for American Immigration Reform), it states that only “forty percent of all U.S. land area is used as productive land…” Also, in the article, it says that “this percentage is declining due to suburban development.” So, due to the excessively large amount of people, many of the land in the U.S. is being eaten up by the suburban towns and people want to land. This overproduction also leads to the loss of more than three million acres of farmland annually.
So, if people want to have lush opens fields of farmland in the U.S. rather than large urban towns. Or if they want to healthy air to breathe. I say we all stop or at least make a conscious effort to minimize the amount of overpopulation.