Black Mirror Review

Joseph Dioslaki, Staff Writer

Do you find that TV show series are too much of a commitment? Do you
scroll aimlessly looking for something to watch on Netflix? If so, the perfect TV show
is out there waiting for you!

Black Mirror is a TV series filled with non-chronological, suspenseful
episodes about tragedies that occur in the present or future, with an underlying
message of how technology is causing these disasters. If you lock your phone screen
or look at a computer/TV screen off, right in front of you is what looks like a Black

This spine-chilling series consists of 13 episodes with another season with an
additional 6 episodes expected to come out early 2018. Each episode is anywhere
between 40-120 minutes, filled with a new plot and new characters each episode,
making it impossible to get bored.
Views often refer Black Mirror as “the modern day Twilight Zone”. So, if you
find conspiracies, science fiction, and suspenseful ideas appeasing to you, Black
Mirror is the show for you!