Wayne Valley is “Bout” to Have Boy’s Fencing

Wayne Valley is “Bout” to Have Boy’s Fencing

Carly Beilis, Staff Writer

Due to popular demand, the prospect of a boy’s fencing team has been introduced to Wayne Valley High School. For years, boys have been unable to participate in the sport, but now, they have the opportunity to make history at Wayne Valley.

There has been a girl’s fencing team for decades at our school. They have been victorious at counties for three consecutive years, and the épée squad had two fencers, Katherine DeStefano (senior) and Christine Hamza (senior) who competed in the state championship last season.

Wayne Valley junior Daniel Bernstein, who was excited about the boy’s team, said that it would “help fencing gain popularity and allow other prospective male fencers a chance to join.” Bernstein’s mother was a member of the girl’s fencing team back when she was in high school, which was a factor that encouraged him to join the team, as well as the individual and team aspect of the sport.

UPDATE: Our team won their very first meet against Passaic County Tech!!!! Nick DeRizzio scored the first point of the season! The final score: WV 19 to PCTI 8