The Best Scary Movies To Watch This Halloween


Halloween is the perfect time to entertain– and frighten–yourself with the best, most scariest movies! These classic horror films will terrify and excite any horror-movie lover, a perfect way to embrace and enjoy the spooky season of Halloween.   

  1. Halloween – 1978

In 1963 on a dreadful Halloween, a young boy, named Michael Myers, mercilessly murdered his 17-year-old sister. He was locked up and kept away from the public for 15 years. However, on on the night of October 30, 1978 Michael Myers escapes from his mental health hospital, and scours for his next victims. Who will be safe after the maniac Michael Myers unleashes his rage upon his hometown?   

  1. The Exorcists- 1973

This classic horror film is about a young girl who seems to be demonically possessed. Her mother calls a priest in efforts to cure her daughter; the priest deems that the Devil lives inside her. They call an exorcist to try and save her… but can they?   

  1. The Conjuring – 2013

Paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren find a mysterious and lonely farmhouse where something supernatural presides. In a terrible and horrific turn of events, terror is unleashed. Can the house return to normal before things go too far?

    4.The Shining -1980

In a cold winter, a family moves into an isolated hotel. Little do they know, an evil and dark spirit lives there too. This morbid presence turns the family upside down onto a dark and violent road. The father becomes crazy and brutal, while the son sees gruesome and appalling images of the past and future. Can the family survive the long and intense winter?

  1. Psycho – 1960

This thriller revolves around a secretary, from Phoenix, who embezzles money and runs away with her boyfriend. One night, they find themselves staying at the strange and isolated Bates Motel, things turn odd as they meet Norman Bates, a peculiar man with highly questionable relationships. Unlike the movie, there is no question that this scary movie will not disappoint!    

  1.  Nightmare On Elm St – 1984

A normal neighborhood with normal teenagers by day, tormented dreams and death by night.  Don’t fall asleep or Freddy will invade terrorize your mind until the only way out-DEATH.  Four friends must figure out who is stalking their dreams and why. Can they survive through the ordeal or will they meet their inevitable demise?