College Recruitment: Hannah Sikorski

Caroline McGrath, Staff Writer

Athletes all over the country dream of continuing their athletic and academic careers at the collegiate level, and receiving all of the glory and fame along with it. Those who do not dream of collegiate athletics may be confused about the mysterious process. For starters, the college recruitment process is not as easy as some athletes make it seem. Recruitment for any college at any level is a mentally and physically exhausting process that is often overlooked upon commitment. The NCAA has strict rules about when and how coaches can contact prospective student athletes, which vary depending on the sport and division. To clarify different myths and misconceptions about the college recruitment process, I was able to sit down with Senior Hannah Sikorski, who recently committed to play field hockey at Stevens Institute of Technology as a part of the Class of 2022.

What was the most difficult part of your recruiting process?“Definitely starting club field hockey my Junior year. Starting club later in high school put me a little bit further behind than other people.”

How did you decide that you wanted to play field hockey in college?“I decided I wanted to play because field hockey is an important part of my life and I can’t imagine if I stopped playing after high school. It keeps me active and is something to do with a ‘family’ in college outside of the workload.”

How did you decide that you wanted to participate at the Division 3 level?“I decided to play at the Division 3 level because I wanted to have a lighter sports schedule so that I still have time to focus on the academic demands of college and also have a social life.”

How did you narrow down your options? Why Stevens?“I chose Stevens because it fit perfectly, both academically and athletically. When you visit the campus, you get a feeling of whether you can see yourself there or not and personally, as soon as I set foot on campus at Stevens, it felt right. I could see myself living and learning at Stevens for the next four years.”

What is a common misconception about college recruitment?“I think that a common misconception is that you get athletic scholarships wherever you go, but only Division 1 and Division 2 schools actually have specific scholarships for athletes.”

What was a unique part of your recruitment process?“I was recruited for both track and field hockey by some schools including Stevens, but I decided not to participate in track in college.”

What did you do to get scouted by coaches?“To get scouted, I reached out to coaches to get on their radar, I attended camps and clinic days at colleges, along with attending national recruiting tournaments.”

What is the difference between Division 1, Division 2, and Division 3?“The difference between the levels is the level of competition. Division 1 has more of a focus on athletics, and Division 3 has more of a focus on academics, and Division 2 has a balance of focus of the two. The NCAA rules also set them apart by allowing only certain time periods of coach and recruit contact and scholarship eligibility.”

What is one piece of advice that you would give to any student athlete hoping to get recruited, from any sport at any division?“Reach out to coaches that run the programs at the schools you are interested in attending and competing at. Don’t be discouraged by the academic or athletic level of the school, because you never know what the outcome could be. It is always good to introduce yourself and ask questions.”