Congressional Art Competition

Anna Rudd, Staff Writer

Emily Wang, a sophomore at Wayne Valley High School, has recently placed third at the Congressional Art competition. It is a nationwide high school competition, and this specific event occurred on the 8th of May at the Morristown Museum. This was initiated and run by Congress to recognize talented artists in the nation. This competition, as stated on the Congressional Art page by the United States House of Representatives, “began in 1982, [and] more than 650,000 high school students have participated.” Wayne Valley’s art students enter this competition, and for the past three years in a row, Wayne Valley has placed in the top 3. This is a high honor and represents the extreme artistic talent found at Wayne Valley.

   While Emily Wang shows her artistic talent in this competition, she is also dedicated to fencing. Emily has also expressed to be a well-rounded student. Wayne Valley is proud to have her represent the school in the Congressional Art competition. Emily herself stated, “The piece took me a long time to complete, but I feel that it was definitely worth it in the end.” Students and parents who viewed the art were very impressed with the presented talent. Shannon Corb, a freshman at Wayne Valley, commented, “Her art was extremely detailed. It gave me chills because of the dark atmosphere it had.” This positive review shows how the competition helps artists be known for their work. Even those who did not place, it was still a great honor to have their art showcased and chosen as a competitor.