Le Nouveau Président de France

Humility and unity encapsulated Macron’s speech following his victory over Le Pen. May 7th, 2017 marks the day pausing the extremist political movement. The former investment banker’s centrist ideals appealed to the French public, clearly taking hold of the majority of France, shown by his 66.1% to 33.9% triumph.

In all of the recent political instability, specifically England’s exit from the European Union and Trump’s rise to presidency, Le Pen’s loss offered promise to a more open-minded approach in the political hemisphere. Generally, the French welcomed this broad stance as the optimal approach for this day and age, named by historians as “the century of technology and terrorism.”

Although he is the youngest French leader since Napoleon, he demonstrates a charismatic maturity. Unlike Le Pen, Macron intends to remain active in the EU, summarizing his neutral mentality when he said, “I will do everything I can in the coming five years to make sure you never have a reason to vote for extremism again.

Learning from America’s complications during the election, France put forth efforts to ensure fluidity throughout the entire process. To do so, they created fake email accounts to throw off potential hackers. Hopefully, Macron’s banking background can give France a fresh perspective to stimulate the economy. Whichever way one sides, the right and left alike can find a middle-ground in the new electee.

Gracefully, Le Pen accepted the loss, ultimately prioritizing France’s well-being over her own desire for power. Only time will tell whether the promising new victor can responsibly manage France without previous political experience. Perhaps he can learn from a recent American untrained victor, this time avoiding much of the disorganization and anti-cooperative attitude. Presiding over a major nation is no simple task, one difficult enough even for Trump to admit “this is harder than I thought.”