Jazz Band at Trumpets Jazz Club

Megan Sternberg , Staff Writer

On Thursday May 22nd, 2017 the Wayne Valley Jazz 1 Band will be performing at Trumpet’s Jazz Club and Restaurant. The Wayne Valley Jazz 1 Band was given this opportunity through the jazz club Trumpet’s. On Monday nights, Trumpet’s invites high school jazz bands to perform live music in their restaurant for the guests. Luckily, there was a spot available for the Wayne Valley Jazz Band and the band director, Mr. Gabriel Batiz quickly took it. This performance is very important to the band, because it is unique among the others that they have participated in this past season.

Here at Wayne Valley, there are two jazz bands: Jazz 1 and Jazz 2. Jazz 1 is the more advanced group of the two. Both bands are under the direction of Mr. Batiz. Jazz 1 and Jazz 2 have been working since December on their musical selections, and have competed in jazz band competitions held in nearby towns, receiving ratings of gold and silver. Recently, Wayne Hills High School hosted the All Wayne Jazz Festival, where Wayne Valley took home a gold rating.

The students and director of the Wayne Valley Jazz 1 Band have been anticipating this performance at Trumpet’s for many weeks. Their jazz band season was scheduled to end several weeks ago, but with this upcoming performance, the students and director have attended extra rehearsals and dedicated more time so they will excel in this performance. “This is the next step in our progression,” Mr. Batiz states. “We’ve performed for the district before but now it’s a whole other ball game…it will be a very positive experience for the kids.”