Spring into Fashion

Maria Ivakhiv

Spring is just around the corner, and until it warms up, we are stuck with this unpredictable weather from day to day. However, even without the craziness of the weather, you can still manage to look hot! Here are a few of the latest fashion trends and cute outfits that will be around in the springtime.

First, let’s start with shoes. Recently, the most popular shoes have been Steve Madden flats, white adidas women’s shoes, and of course Nike has come up with various colors for their running shoes. All these can be paired with any outfit, the most popular being ripped jeans. Ripped jeans are making a comeback and can be worn with almost any top and shoes, however many girls are pairing them with ankle boots. Another popular item to be worn this season is black over-the-knee suede boots, these can be worn with a skirt, jeans, and even leggings. And, with the weather we are having now they will keep you warm and looking fashionable.

Now that we have covered some of the hottest shoes in style, let’s talk about the clothes. Some of the most popular stores to shop at this season are: Charlotte Russe, Pacsun, Mandee, Pink and many more. At Charlotte Russe you will find any kind of outfit needed for any type of night out. Whether you’re looking for a cute body suit to pair with some jeans, a skirt, dress or even capris, Charlotte Russe is definitely the place to check out.

Athletic wear is also very much in style, and Pink has so many cute leggings and capris to offer, some even have sparkles on them! Calvin Klein and Nike leggings have also been popular to wear, not just to the gym, but for any other event. Many celebrities have been pairing them with heels, so if you are striving to be like them, then go for it!

Hopefully some of these fashion tips will leave you looking in style for spring, and if you haven’t done your spring shopping yet, then don’t freak out, you still have time! Just remember to have fun with any outfit and always make sure that it fits your own style!!